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Court Security

NCSC’s Court Consulting Services has conducted numerous studies of court security procedures, technology, personnel, and architectural features to assist courts in protecting the safety of the people and property within and around the courts as well as the integrity of the judicial process.

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    Courthouse Violence in 2010-2012: Lessons Learned draws upon the experiences of judges, court administrators and law enforcement officers involved in six incidents of violence in courts across the country and offers practical guidelines on the most important things that every judge, court administrator, and law enforcement officer should always keep in mind to possibly prevent, prepare for, mitigate, and manage the impact of an act of serious violence in a courthouse

Domestic Violence

NCSC’s VAWA and the Courts website offers a host of resources and information on domestic violence.

Elders and Courts

NCSC’s Center for Elders and the Courts serves as the primary resource for the judiciary and court management on issues related to aging.

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    NCSC offers a free online course on Justice Responses to Elder Abuse that contains units on Aging in America, Enhancing Elder Abuse Awareness, Special Tools and Issues for Courts, and Practical Applications-Case Scenarios.

    The Elder Abuse Toolkits provide general guidance on how to effectively prosecute cases and improve court responses.

    The Elder Abuse Curriculum for state judicial educators offers materials that can be modified and delivered in a three to four-hour training session.

Language Access

NCSC’s Language Access Services Section (LASS) provides state courts with resources to overcome language barriers in the courts and to ensure that providing individuals with limited English proficiency with access to the courts is a core function of the courts.

Performance Measurement

NCSC’s CourTools offers performance measures for both trial and appellate courts aimed at improving the administration of justice.

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    This CourTools brochure summarizes ten core measures used to gauge trial court performance.

    These proposed six performance measures help gauge the effectiveness of an integrated domestic violence court (IDV).

Sexual Violence

NCSC has partnered with the National Judicial Education Project (NJEP) at Legal Momentum to provide resources about adult sexual assault and the intersection of sexual assault and domestic violence.

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